Lucy’s Travel Diary – 4th Entry

Lucy’s Travel Diary 

4th Entry 


As the Blue Train continued its journey through Africa, I couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible experiences I’d had so far. Abeni, the knowledgeable and friendly conductor, had become not just my guide but a true friend, enriching my travels with her warmth and insights into this extraordinary continent. 

Our latest adventure in Kinshasa had been a whirlwind of vibrant culture and fascinating stories. From the bustling streets to the colourful markets, the city had left a lasting impression on me. And as we left Kinshasa behind, I couldn’t wait to see what awaited us in the next destination. 

As the landscape outside the train shifted, the lush tropical forests gradually gave way to a drier, savanna-like environment. I watched the changing scenery with anticipation, knowing that Africa’s diversity had much more to offer. 

Abeni, with her ever-present smile, joined me at the window.  

‘Our next stop will be in South Africa, Cape Town,’ 

she said, excitement in her voice.  

‘It’s a place of breathtaking beauty, and I think you’ll love it.’ 

I smiled in return, my curiosity piqued.  

‘Cape Town sounds amazing. What can I expect to see there?’ 

Abeni began to paint a picture of the wonders that awaited us in Cape Town.  

‘Cape Town is known for its stunning landscapes. You’ll witness the meeting of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans at the Cape of Good Hope, and the views from Table Mountain are absolutely mesmerizing.’ 

As she spoke, I couldn’t help but get lost in the imagery of this beautiful city. I felt a sense of excitement bubbling within me, eager to explore Cape Town’s natural wonders. 

The train eventually rolled into Cape Town, and as we disembarked, the cool sea breeze and the sight of Table Mountain in the distance welcomed us. The city had a charm all its own, and I was captivated from the moment I set foot on its streets. 

Abeni and I began our exploration by ascending Table Mountain, and the panoramic views from the summit left me in awe. The city, the ocean, and the surrounding landscapes stretched out before us, creating a breathtaking tapestry of colors and shapes. 

From there, we made our way to the Cape of Good Hope, where I stood at the very tip of the African continent, a sense of wonder washing over me. The waves crashing against the rugged cliffs and the endless horizon reminded me of the vastness of this incredible continent. 

As we headed to a nature reserve just outside of Cape Town, the promise of seeing Impalas filled me with excitement. Abeni assured me that this reserve was home to a large population of Impalas, and I was eager to witness these graceful antelopes in their natural habitat. 

‘You should pay close attention to how they run and jump.’ 

Abeni giggled and pointed.  

I could not believe my eyes… 

‘It’s like their feet never touch the ground! How do their bodies even bend like that?’ 

I followed the herd of Impalas with my eyes, as they galloped and jumped across the green pasture. The only other animal I had ever seen look so elegant and ridiculous at the same time had been Rowena’s Italian Greyhounds.  

I made a mental note to tell her about this when I got back home.  

Our day in Cape Town was filled with exploration and awe, and as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm golden light on the city, I felt grateful for the experiences this journey had brought into my life. 

But my adventure wasn’t over yet. The Blue Train awaited its next destination, and I knew that Africa still had many more surprises in store. Abeni’s presence had made this journey all the more special, and I couldn’t wait to see what awaited us in the days to come.