Stars are back!

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Dear railway fans,
Towards the end of last year we conducted a big survey regarding the new career in Rail Nation. It included the stars that many players wanted to return to the game. The time has now come. The first big change in 2017 is the return of the stars. They are now shown in the career again and embellish your career level image as an additional award. They will also become visible in the game again at a later time. When that will happen also depends on the updates to the different servers.

Rail Nation Stars

For those of you who have always wondered what the stars are about, we have all the information you need. The stars’ classification hasn’t changed with their return. Stars continue to be awarded for completed rounds with a particularly good rank in the single player ranking:

Once in the top 1,000 = 1 star
Once in the top 100 = 2 stars
Once in the top 10 = 3 stars
One-time winner of a game round = 4 stars
Won a game round at least twice = 5 stars

Have fun and keep travelling safely
The Rail Nation Team

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