New engines & production series from the 3rd era

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Our engines in the 3rd era are being overhauled. This time you can admire iron horses from Germany, England and Denmark. Some have been refurbished and you will be familiar with them, but there are some brand new ones to discover too!

Odin – V 60

We begin with an engine that was co-designed by practically all the major German engine factories for the Deutsche Bundesbahn. The V 60 series owes its existence to a lack of shunting engines and has been in operation for 60 years. 942 of them were built and Rail Nation now features a few more!

Odin – BR Class 55

Died-in-the-wool train enthusiasts have of course known since primary school that the BR Class 55 is driven by two Napier Deltic opposed-piston engines, which are actually used in ships. This engine delivers a whopping 2460 kW at a service weight of 101 tons. Hold on to your hat!

Dionysos – V 160 Prototyp

Next up is an old friend and a pretty rare specimen too. As the name suggests, it is a prototype for the V 160 series. The engine is also known by another name: Lollo, in honour of Gina Lollobrigida.

Dionysos – V 80

The Dionysos V 80 heralds a new production series. It features the unusual combination of a central cab and a full cladding, and was one of the first new designs from Deutsche Bahn. Thanks to Rail Nation, it can now travel throughout Europe and the USA.
That was a taste of the overhauled production series in the 3rd era, and for those of you who have always wanted to know which engine is most famous for express journeys between Germany and Denmark, read our next issue! If you want to see more from the Rail Nation graphics department, visit us on Pinterest. We periodically update our album with new artwork.

We wish you lots of fun and have a good trip!

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